Undecided about the wedding special song for your wedding in Goa? Here’s help!

Undecided about the wedding special song for your wedding in Goa? Here’s help!

Your big fat wedding in Goa is poised to set off any time in 24 hours. And you don’t have butterflies. You have song flies. That’s because the right song for your wedding does not come to your mind. You think you know it, but you just can’t get it. At the end of this article, hopefully that will no longer be your problem. But you might have another dilemma on hand. The trouble of selecting between two or three songs, because at the end of this article you are most likely to be spoilt for choice. So which one is it? Oh Gawd!

How do people decide on the wedding special song? What is the selection based on? Is it based on dancing comfort? or is it dependent on which song sets your heart aflutter? Or reminds you of your courtship times? Or rings a familiar romantic bell? Or has a sense of belonging to both your personalities? Or simply aligns with your love story and has the melody that you so easily connect with.

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Your reason to select the wedding special song could be many. But the problem may arise when you like two or three songs and the final decision of which song is the one you want to select remains to be a poser. Some bridal couples make up their mind rather quickly while many others take time due to being torn apart between two or three songs pushing their decision off for some time. So when the dear day arrives, you could still be deciding. And could this affect your mood? Possibly. So here is some help.

Having been a wedding MC in Goa for 17 years, I have closely observed, noted and easily compiled the most common,  popular, prolific and rare wedding special songs at hundreds of weddings that I have witnessed. The following is my assessment for the best wedding songs for your wedding special at your wedding in Goa for you to consider if you may.

Among the most common wedding special songs played in Goa during the wedding special is the all time Lobo hit “faithful”. It is so popular that some bands in Goa  identify “faithful” to be the default song of a wedding special in case the bridal couple leaves it to them to come up with their own. So when in doubt about what the bridal couple may enjoy for their wedding special, “faithful’ is the one which saves the day.

“Eternally”, another popular song could be a close second and I must have heard it countless times in the last so many years. So is “True love”, another melody from Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly. Then there is that Frank Sinatra classic which says” I’ll be loving you always” which has touched many a love chord and remains pretty sought. Among others, Rod Stewart’s classic” Have I told you lately” is an outright hit with many Goan couples who simply love this song to be their wedding special and I have observed it being sung by the bridegroom himself at more than four to five weddings in Goa.

Of course, for the love birds, that Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross duet “Endless Love” , pinches so close to the heart and nothing is gonna stop many Goan lovers from choosing “ Nothings gonna change my love for you” which seems to have some nostalgia attached to it. You also often hear “Amazed”, the Lonestar melody which can overpower your imaginations as also the “unchained melody” from the movie Ghost which can lead you into a land of fantasy.

“This I promise You’ has also been quite popular in the wedding list of songs in Goa while the Shania twain hit “You’re still the one” has captivated one too many. Bryan Adams has long enslaved lovers with “everything I do I do it for you” and Goans are no different with many opting for this song as their favorite for the special dance of their life. “Love will keep us alive” by the Eagles is bound to stay in the hearts of many Goans for a long time as this one is very often chosen to be the wedding special at many a wedding in Goa. And how can you forget Ronan Keating pulling Goan heartstrings with his “When you say nothing at all”  an all time favorite.

There is a distinct sense of passion when it comes to playing the Peabo Bryson song “ Tonite I celebrate My love for you” which is a real hot number selected by besotted wedding couples. Michael learns to rock(MLTR) does it great with “you took my heart away” which will always be a temptation to have for your wedding special. Then there is that love song “ I cross my heart” which can soothe you like few others would do. Did I forget “forever my darling” which has been an all time favorite  And how could I miss another Shania twain love song “ From this moment “ which has  such an “oh so romantic” tune. “Could I have this dance for the rest of my life” is also another melodious song which you could consider in your burgeoning list of probable songs to play at a Goan wedding special.

And do you know what a simple song like ” when you  say nothing at all” can do’? Get deep in your senses and mesmerize. “Heaven “is a Bryan Adams soother song which could lead you to a different level altogether. Then there is the odd besotted bridegroom pitching for his beloved with the love song “ everything she does is magic” by the Police( you cant dance to this one though). “I give you my word” could interest you as well. “All my life” is another to consider too. Also the Sara Evans song ‘I cant ask for more “ has been used by quite a few. George Benson classic “ you are the love of my life ‘ has often been a smooth one at many a wedding. Patty love and Vince Gill ring a warm love bell with “ my kind of man”

So basically there is plenty to choose from when it comes to a Goan wedding special. I have also witnessed some enterprising couples who have chosen the odd love song like a “Heart of Gold” ,or “Bless the broken road’ by Rascal flats and even “Ill stand by you” to be their theme song for the night.

There have also been many wedding special songs which are unheard of in the common world but which may hold a special place for the bridal couple. However most of such one-off requests are normally not played by the band and are often played on the CD player. In my experience I find that some of these songs are good for listening pleasure but may not be so good for the dancing of it. It is the sentiment associated with the song which makes these couples go for them rather than anything related to ensuring the beauty of their first dance at the wedding.

Then there are many Goan couples who love the tone of their motherland Goa and rightly choose some great konkani melodies to make their day. Among the Konkani wedding special songs, the two outstanding ones are  “ sodanch Axen rautalim” and ‘Molbavoilo dou”  (also known by the title “ mogan asonk borem”). Juramento is another which could be easily picked up as the wedding special in Goa.

I have also unmistakably observed the Portuguese flavour at more than 30-40 odd weddings as a wedding MC in Goa where the wedding special song was indeed a Portuguese one. Here, “encosta tua cabecinha” is a distinct winner and probably will be for a long time to come.

In the modern age, you have a new twist with many of  those love stricken, young and hep Goan couples who have soaked in a lot of youtube, are absolutely free in heart and mind and have adventured to have a cocktail of songs for their wedding special which starts with the slow, moves to the peppy, rises to the jive, migrates to some rap and then comes back to the romantic wind at the end of it all to take the circle of guests by surprise. Pleasantly, more often than not. These couples are normally good dancers and they explore all options available to them to try out different moods within one wedding special medley on their big day which can give the wedding reception a new fillip.However this needs careful and meticulous planning with the wedding band and also with the master of ceremonies at your Goan wedding.

Most of the above songs mentioned here are good enough to dance comfortably. However like I mentioned above, many wedding couples in Goa may have a special song which the band may not play. Eventually it gets played on a CD and the couple dances to it. As it turns out, the beat and tempo of the song is either too outpaced or not in sync with the dance steps making the whole experience a rather awkward one for the couple themselves. So the thing that you may have to keep in mind after narrowing down your choice is to ensure that your wedding special song is good enough for you to sync with your dancing.

Whichever song you select to be your wedding special, the important part is that you should be comfortable to dance to that song. You might love a particular song but if you are not comfortable to dance to that song, it just does not make sense, for while the melody of your song is important, it is the wedding dance that people are witnessing on your big day. So I believe that comfort and freedom to dance is the key which your wedding special song should fulfill while keeping your sentiments close to you. So even if your heart is aflutter , it rings a chord or it brings back courtship memories, but if your song is still not good to dance to, I would think you might as well reconsider your choice.

Some wedding couples normally are not so keen on dancing to the wedding special song on an exclusive basis and would urge me to help join in the bridal party or the rest of the guests rather quickly. It is normally my endeavour as the master of ceremonies in my pre-wedding meeting with the bridal couple to coax them to dance the full song in their own interest as the photographer and the video get the much needed clicks which later adorn your wedding albums beautifully. Besides, it being your biggest day, never to expect again, why would you not dance the full song exclusively on this one huge moment of your life?

To summarise I have consolidated the above list  for you to get enough ideas for your wedding special song and you could freely check, listen and decide to select any song you like as your eventual wedding special. If you would like to hear the song before deciding , take  the song name from down there and paste it in the google search for an youtube link of that song. All the wedding special songs listed as under have youtube videos of them uploaded on the internet so you should not have a problem.

After you decide on the song, it is very important  to inform the band about it. Don’t take it for granted that the band will be able to play the song that you select however popular it may be. it is always a good practice to confirm with the band in advance. else you could be in for a disappointment at the last minute which you don’t want after so much of planning  . Happy listening. happy selecting and happy dancing indeed.

(I) Most common category of wedding special songs

Song name                                                           Artist

  1. Faithful                                                        Lobo
  2. Eternally                                                     Charles Chaplin
  3. I’ll be loving you Always                      Frank Sinatra
  4. True Love                                                    Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly

(II) Popular category of wedding special songs

Song name                                                                    Artist

1. Endless Love                                                             Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross
2. Nothings gonna change my love for you      Glenn Medeiros
3. From this moment                                                  Shania Twain
4. Have I told you lately                                            Rod Stewart
5. You’re still the one                                                  Shania Twain
6. Could I have this dance                                         Anne Murray
7. Pledging my love (Forever my darling)         Johnny Ace

(III) Prolific category of wedding special songs

Song name                                                                    Artist

1. I cross my heart                                                        George Strait
2. Amazed                                                                         Lonestar
3. This I promise you                                                   Ronan Keating
4. Unchained melody                                                   The Righteous Brothers
5. Love will keep us Alive                                           Eagles
6. You are the love of my life                                    George Benson
7. I give you my word                                                  George Fox
8. When You say nothing at all                                 Ronan Keating

(IV) Rare requests of wedding special songs

Song name                                                                 Artist

1.   My Kind of man                                                       Patty love and Vince Gill
2. Ill stand by you                                                         Pretenders
2 Everything she does is magic                                The Police
( not dance worthy)
3 I cant ask for more                                                     Sara Evans
4. Heart of Gold
5. Bless the broken road                                              Rascal Flatts

(V) Konkani category

Song name

  1. Sodanch Axen Rautalim
  2. Molbavoillo Dou/ Mogan Asonk Borem
  3. Juramento

(VI) Portuguese category

Song name

  1. Encosta Tua Cabecinha

Good Luck

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