What should I be looking for when choosing an MC?

Experience; there is no MC school, so expertise is learned. Insist on reading some glowing testimonials.

– Adaptability; an MC should be able to adjust to various cultural traditions.

– An Attitude of Fun; someone who can arouse a sense of humor and celebration in the hearts of the guests.

– Humility; this means that although MC will have the microphone, the MC
will  keep the attention on the host of the event/bride and groom throughout the event.

Can the DJ also act as an MC?

No. We get asked this question every day.  Amazingly, it is rare to find a disc jockey that will use the microphone to communicate with their audience; they think it is uncool, even though everyone considers it as part of their job.  All they want to do is mix the songs together.

What exactly does an MC do?

A professional Master of Ceremonies guarantees that the event will run smoothly by coordinating everyone including your guests, the catering staff, the photographer, videographer, plus the DJ and/or band, and other entertainers.

What can you tell me about your services /or performances that set you apart from all the rest?

Premiere Emcee has the ability to read and motivate any kind of crowd. We are capable of turning any dull event to a very fun celebration. Our professionalism, planning,  preparation and our personalities, are all apart of what Us, Us.  We strive to reflect exactly  what our client is looking for.  No matter the event, Premiere Emcee is skilled at either delivering a high energy performance or a more low key and elegant performance.

Is the MC required to stay for the entire event?

The MC is there before the guests arrive and is still there to bid the guests goodnight. Do not ever employ an MC who has a history of being tardy!

When does the MC arrive and leave?

The MC is required to get to the venue about 1 hour before the advertised commencement to check the sound equipment and go over the run sheet with the venue staff or function manager.

Is a meeting beforehand necessary?

Yes.  This meeting is important for the MC to formulate an idea of how the event coordinators want their event to be presented.

Does the MC provide their own PA equipment?

Each venue is very different, but you should not need to pay for extra sound equipment such as microphones. Quite often, the MC can get by with the microphone set up supplied by the venue, usually attached to the lectern. Otherwise, the DJ usually has a microphone. Some MC’s have purchased their own self-contained cordless microphone and receiver that allows them to speak at the same time while mingling with the crowd.

Does the MC need to know about the music?

Not usually. Even though the correct coordination of the MC and DJ is critical, (i.e. to fade the volume of the music up and down) the songs themselves are not that important to the MCs work.

What is the cost involved to hire a professional MC/Does the MC fee cover only a certain number of hours?

-Unlike other MCs, we do not charge any extra $$$ for meetings,  parking, or overtime.
-You know exactly how much our fee is up front and our price is NOT subject to change. (i.e. there are no confusing
hourly rates that some MCs charge)
– You are paying for our talent, not our time.